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Once we've provided you with your leads, we'll be in touch to closely monitor your campaign results. It's not uncommon to need to tweak things at first, so we'll work with you to change how we build your lists if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have queries, please visit our FAQ page or contact us

What are the surveys about?

Surveys are about anything relevant to interests and hobbies specific to you! When you signup on our platform, we want to ensure you feel individual and valued. That’s why we ask users to tell us what survey categories are most relevant to personal taste and interests, allowing us to only display surveys that perfectly matches personal criteria.

How many surveys can I complete?

Users can earn £5 every day by completing up to 10 short and simple surveys. A survey is typically 10 multiple choice questions, in total taking around 60 seconds to complete and pays-out £0.50p to the user. To access the full amount of surveys per day, users can interact with Earn Extra.

What is Earn Extra?

Earn Extra provides a simple and ethical bridge for researchers to promote relevant news, offers, products and services to our users. Essentially, when creating a survey, researchers can choose which answers, when selected by a user, would automatically indicate the user is relevant for any promotion the researcher is currently featuring.

How do I receive payouts?

As we regularly update our system, we aim to provide as many payment outlets as possible. Currently, users are able to receive pay-outs through PayPal. This allows users to easily and securely connect a PayPal email to their payment profile allowing them to receive access to pay-outs when a survey has been completed within 24-hours. We aim to give users the ability to receive pay-outs through express bank transfer by mid-2019. To keep updated on this, follow our Instagram.

How long do surveys take to do?

We created ROMA Surveys with the belief that online surveys should be as rewarding and straightforward as possible. We don’t believe 30 minute surveys are practical, especially when there’s no reward on offer! That’s why our surveys only take around 1 minute to complete.

Where does my survey data go?

Survey response data you provide is exclusively accessible by the researcher who created the survey as well as our system to facilitate the Earn Extra program.In addition to this, if you’d like to view all data linked to your personal account, please contact us stating your request and we’ll aim to reply within48 working hours.