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By promoting a ROMA survey advert, you'll get paid every time a student shares an opinion!

Increased Coverage

Drive traffic to your site and boost your connectivity to both students and local members

Reward Members

For every survey completed, your members instantly receive 50p into their PayPal accounts

Relevant Surveys

We ensure the surveys you promote are always relevant and engaging to your members

Step 1

Create an Account

Create a promoter account within minutes and copy & paste our ad code into your society website.

If you don't have a society website but you do have an active social media account, click here.

Step 2

Filter Your Surveys

Select what type of surveys are relevant to your student audience and what type of market your society caters for.

Step 3

Launch Your Survey Ad

That’s it! Now that your survey ad is live, you can either sit back and relax or alternatively promote the fact that you’ve now ROMA Survey Promoter to drive traffic to your website and boost your ad payouts for your society - the choice is yours!


More Resources for You

Not sure what type of account applies to you? Take less than a few minutes to check out our YouTube videos that introduce the individual benefits you can gain from our various account types.

What's a User?

We give users a choice of surveys which are always relevant to their interests and lifestyle.

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What's a Promoter?

Select & Promote makes it easier than ever before to earn fantastic payouts through paid advertising.

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What's a Researcher?

Using our straight-forward survey creator tool, a researcher can sign up and create their first ROMA Survey within minutes.

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