Author: Jenna Hole

The majority of the public has at some point in their life completed a survey. That could range from something small and meaningless on social media to a grievously long interrogation they had to plough through in order to enter a raffle for a holiday for two. Alternatively, if they were one of the lucky ones, it was because they were a member of the ROMA survey user-base that awards them cash for divulging opinions about the companies (like yours!) that they care about.

Whatever the reason for an individual deciding to partake in a survey, there can be no doubt that the use of surveys has not only survived but has thrived. This might seem surprising in an ever-evolving tech-dependant world but despite the advancement of trend predicting algorithms and statistical software, this timeless method of data collection is still the best way to understand public opinion and the driving forces of the market.

How survey data helps companies


Clearly the best way to understand your customers is to ask them directly. By filling out surveys, your consumers stay connected with the brand and you can build trusting relationships with loyal customers. Surveys can be used at any point along the timeline of a business from before a service is launched to when a business is already well established in a market.

The data gathered can be used to understand your demographics such as who your target market is in terms of age, gender and location. This information can help you make better informed and more targeted business decisions as well as knowing whereto direct advertisement so that marketing leads can be turned into customers to keep your business growing.

Additionally, you can interact with your customers via a survey after a product has been launched and understand what they liked and disliked, allowing you to know where to make adjustments in the future.

Historically, companies big and small have used surveys to make better informed business decisions. Many companies still use surveys today across a broad range of markets such as Ikea and Alton towers as well as some industry giants like Apple and McDonalds. Indeed, as recently reported bySurvey Police, McDonalds focus on four simple categories of questioning based on products, prices, advertisements and popularity of restaurants in different locations. With this information, McDonalds can keep tabs on how the size of their customer base and how they’re receiving their products.

Analysing Survey Data

Surveys saving the world!


Survey data has helped millions across the globe. Whether in the form of creating the success of a brand or bringing data to life, survey data has achieved more than we could ever imagine. 

We’ve spoken about the conglomerate McDonalds already but it’s also worth mentioning that any sort of institution can use surveys to enhance their outreach. This includes public councils, charities and even the NHS. Some charities like the Anthony Nolan charity for blood cancer are well-known for using survey-based market research. In this example, surveys help increase awareness, support fundraising efforts and even widen the search for potential donors.

Understanding public opinion can highlight problematic issues within a market as well as a society and can lead to improvement in all areas. The data gathered form large sample sizes of people can induce changes in consumerism and facilitate a movement of the markets that reflects the societal zeitgeist. Companies over time have become more accepting, more politically correct and inclusive of all factions of society. In 2019 we sawGillette introduce a #Metoo inspired advert to advertise their razors to men and Greggs bakery release a vegan sausage roll. These brands have been on the market since 1901 and 1951 respectively but have moved with the times and adapted to their consumers thanks to market research and the incredible power of surveys.

Whatever your intention with survey data, whether it be to grow your company or save the world – it’s important to make sure you use a trusted survey creating website like ROMA surveys. With 2-minute long surveys and an easy to access user base, you can grab and maintain the attention of an abundance of people, getting the best information possible to grow your business. 

Published on: January 2019