A simple solution to a confusing must-do

We provide an effortless experience when it comes to researching your market. Check out the process below.

Get started

1. Survey is created

Using our straight-forward survey creator tool, a researcher can sign up and create their first ROMA Survey within minutes. Choose from a variety of targeting selections at unbeatable prices.

2. Survey is promoted

With ROMA Surveys, publishers can promote surveys from our platform on their apps and websites. We've made it easier than ever before to earn fantastic payouts through paid advertising.

3. Survey is completed

We give users a choice of surveys which are always relevant to their interests and lifestyle. Once a survey has been selected, we'll take the user to the website currently hosting the survey.

When a survey is completed, the you'll get access to a product, service or special offer relevant to your survey answers.

4. Transactional complete

Once a survey has been completed, the publisher and user will receive their instant payout and the researcher will automatically have access to the newly secured survey data.