Questions & Answers

What are the surveys about?

Surveys are about anything relevant to interests and hobbies specific to you! When you signup on our platform, we want to ensure you feel individual and valued. That’s why we ask users to tell us what survey categories are most relevant to personal taste and interests, allowing us to only display surveys that perfectly matches personal criteria. Any surveys posted on our platform that aren’t directly relevant to a user will not be accessible by that user.  

What is Earn Extra?

Earn Extra provides a simple and ethical bridge for researchers to promote relevant news, offers, products and services to our users. Essentially, when creating a survey, researchers can choose which answers, when selected by a user, would automatically indicate the user is relevant for any promotion the researcher is currently featuring.  For example, a user that loves playing sports completes a survey for a sportswear company.If the user has selected an answer that makes them relevant for the special offer currently being offered by the sportswear company, after the survey, the user will have the ability to view the special offer and as a result, gain access to more surveys on that day.

How do I receive survey pay-outs?  

As we regularly update our system, we aim to provide as many payment outlets as possible. Currently, users are able to receive pay-outs through PayPal. This allows users to easily and securely connect a PayPal email to their payment profile allowing them to receive access to pay-outs when a survey has been completed within 24-hours. We aim to give users the ability to receive pay-outs through express bank transfer by mid-2019. To keep updated on this, follow our Instagram.

When can I access a survey pay-out?

Survey pay-outs are usually available the same day! If a user is signed in to their ROMA Surveys account at the time of completing a survey, they’ll receive their payment within 24 hours however otherwise, simply complete the survey, sign in and the system will recognise your account and facilitate your pay-out.  

How long do your surveys take to complete?

We created ROMA Surveys with the belief that online surveys should be as rewarding and straightforward as possible. We don’t believe 30 minute surveys are practical, especially when there’s no reward on offer! That’s why our surveys only take around 1 minute to complete. This timeframe was created using an average-speed user so please note that other users may be quicker or slower than this example.  

Who has access to my personal information & survey data?

Privacy and security is our top priority. Any data provided by a user, whether it be an email address, phone number, personal address etc. are only accessible between our system and the user. We never share personal information to promotors, researchers and third-parties which is why our Earn Extra program allows organisations to promote content and products/services in an ethical and relevant means that does not involve handing over any email addresses.  

Survey response data you provide is exclusively accessible by the researcher who created the survey as well as our system to facilitate the Earn Extra program.In addition to this, if you’d like to view all data linked to your personal account, please contact us stating your request and we’ll aim to reply within48 working hours.  

Can I create more than one account?

No. To ensure our system is able to fairly distribute surveys to every user in order to provide practical pay-outs, we only allow for each individual to create one account only. Any user attempting to create a separate account aside from their current account will be recognised by our system and appropriate action will betaken.  

Not receiving pay-outs?  

Our express PayPal transfer tool allows users to instantly receive survey pay-outs however if you’re experiencing an issue regarding pay-outs, we suggest the following actions:
· Check if the PayPal details you have provided us with are correct and up-to-date
· Ensure you are have a decent internet connection

If the problem persists, please contact us as we’ll be able to see how many surveys you have completed and consequently, how much money is owed to you. We’ll aim to reply within 48 working hours.

Can I sign up to complete and promote surveys?

Yes, of course! If you’d like to voice your opinions and experiences to relevant researchers as well as promote surveys that are relevant to your content, please do! Please note: to prevent users from completing surveys they are promoting themselves, our system doesn’t allow users to earn pay-outs if they are repeatedly visiting their own websites.

How much does a survey promoter earn?

Survey promotors earn £0.20p every time a user completes a survey they are currently promoting. With a national average of £0.01-0.02p paid out per user engagement to website owners, our promotors can earn a 2000% increase in digital advertising. There is no limit to how much a promoter can earn a year.

What type of surveys can I promote?

Any survey as long as it’s relevant to the content currently being displayed on your website/app.When you sign up on our platform, we’ll ask what survey category best fits your content which provides promotors access to a collection of specifically relevant surveys to begin promoting. Promotors can also utilise our search bar when searching for more specific surveys for particularly content.  

How many surveys can I choose from to promote?

As many as there are on the system! As long as the survey is directly and clearly relevant to the content you’re placing it next to, you’ll have access to a variety of surveys that are always catered to what your website/app is and who your customers/visitors are.  

Can I view the responses on surveys I’m promoting?  

No. Survey response data is only viewable by the researcher who created that particular survey as well as our system. Promotors are notified and paid when a survey has been completed on their website/app however promotors are unable to view who completed the survey or the responses provided within that particular survey.  

How many surveys can I promote at once?

50 separate surveys. Our system allows promotors to create a canvas for every individual webpage, with each canvas having a capacity of 10 separate surveys relevant to the same topic. This means if you have a website, you can host 10 surveys on 5 different pages, a total of 50 surveys overall.

What types of websites cannot promote ROMA Surveys?

To ensure our users stay safe and we are compliant with regulations, we disallow certain websites/apps from promoting our surveys. Upon attempting to promote a survey, websites promoting the following will be banned from our system:
· Tobacco
· Firearms
· Pornography
· Illegal Activities
· Extremism/Terrorism
· Racism/Hate Speech
· Illegal Narcotics
· Self-Harm/Suicide

Why should I create a survey?

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." - W. Edwards Deming

Understanding the thought process and spending habits of your target market is vital to the successful engagement of marketing and product design. We live in a world where data is fast becoming the key tool of choice in competitive markets. Whether it’s designing new features, creating new products, collecting reviews and responses or even gaining research to prepare for a campaign launch, you can begin your journey with us today for £1.25p per targeted customer engagement.  

How many questions can I ask?

Per survey, researchers can ask up to 10 separate multiple choice questions. Each question allows for 10 separate possible answers for the user to choose from. This allows users to effortlessly provide thoughts and feedback on important and relevant matters without being discouraged by a mountain of questions. There is no limit to how many surveys can be created per researcher.  

Can I choose who completes my survey?

Absolutely. We designed our system to ensure your targeting needs are 100% matched when it comes to creating your research campaign. When you create a survey, our system provides filtering options for survey distribution, allowing researchers to manage participants through demographics, geographic and socioeconomic factors.

How much do surveys cost?

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality research outlet for £1.25p per targeted survey response. This £1.25p includes full response data on your survey, exposure of your surveys (and branding) across a network of websites catering to your target market and massively increased engagement between potential target customers and any news, products or services being offered on your own website/app.

What type of questions can I ask?

As long as the question abides by our community standards, any question that allows you to effectively gather responses is perfectly allowed. Whether it’s for educational projects, target market research or national polling, create your account today! All questions are multiple choice.  

Do you need to be a large corporation to create a survey?

Not at all. If you’d like to conduct research, increase exposure of your brand to the relevant market as well as drive traffic to your products and services, anyone can create an account today and kick-start their first research campaign.  

Where does my survey get featured?

When a new survey has been published, our system will use your targeting criteria to deliver your survey in front of relevant users and promotors. This means if a user or promotor specifically matches the researcher’s criteria, that particular survey will be featured on both of their survey collection pages. In addition to this, surveys are also promoted on the websites of promotors currently relevant to that particularly researcher.  

What's the Lead Feature (and how do I utilise it?)

We believe the end of a survey shouldn't be the last contact between a business and a potential customer. However euqally, we also care deeply about our users privacy and so to avoid users being spammed with marketitng emails traditionally given away by many other survey vendors, we never share user contact details with survey creators. So how can a business engage the user without emailing them? Simple: our Leads Feature.

What is our Leads Feature?

When creating your survey, we'll ask you to select 1-3 of the answers you have provided as a positive lead. This means that if a customer selects of the positive lead answers, we'll let them know that the answer they provided indicates that the product/services/promotion that are currently offering is perfectly and ethically relevant for them. We believe this hyper-current connection is far more effective that solely adverting your products/services/promotions to the student market at a later time and date, because first for the first time ever, we can now actually prove why they should make a purchase from your business.

How does it work?

Step 1. Select 1-3 answers from the question that, upon being selected by a user, would indicate their viability for your product/service/promotion.

Step 2. For users wanting to unlock the maximum daily earning limit, they must view the content/rewards that you have provided us with on your Leads page. If a user has complete your survey, as long as the answers provided indicate they are a match for the follow-up, we'll provide them with the content/rewards.

Example of a Positive Lead

Survey Question: Do you feel that your car is fuel efficient?
Answer Selected: 'No, it doesn't do well on fuel'
Because your product is 'fuel efficient', 'No, it doesn't do well on fuel' is a follow-up indicator, meaning we'll automatically message the user on our platform after they've completed the survey, letting them know that your promotion is perfect for them. Our message features your branding, your question, their answer and a link to the featured product/service/promotion, explaining why it's relevant to them - automatically helping the customer make an importance purchase decision and as a result, driving sales to your business.

How can I benefit from Earn Extra?

Earn Extra essentially removes the traditional marketing process of gathering customer email addresses and sending out promotional content in order to engage recipients and hopefully drive interest or sales.  The problem we see with this method is low conversion rates and high bounce rates. We see many promotors and content creators suffering from this, often a result of recipients being emailed without any confirmation that the brand and what it offers is still relevant to the user.

Our system uses this ideology to perfect the experience for our users. Once a user has completed a survey, any answers that was selected indicating a match between a promotion and a user will be shown on the Earn Extra page within the users’ platform. Having the incentive of accessing more surveys to earn higher payouts by engaging with content and deals on your website/app means users feel satisfied and valued whilst researchers stand a massively increased chance of successful engaging the potential customer.  

Is ROMA Surveys GDPR compliant?

Yes. Ensuring our practises are always 100% ethical allows us to safely follow regulation and provide a safe environment for users to express their individual emotions and thoughts. Our management team are well educated in the application and governance of recently introduced GDPR regulations. If you’d like to find out more on how we manage data, please view our GDPR policy.  

Is the data we collect secure?

Absolutely. Any data that is recorded from a user is securely passed through our system and onto the screens of the researcher who has full exclusive access to responses for their surveys. ROMA Surveys will never share user survey response data or user/promotor/researcher personal information with any third parties.  

Can researchers share collected data?

ROMA Surveys allows for researchers to reveal data that has been collected through the usage of our platform however we prohibit researchers from collecting personal information from users and contacting them outside of our platform.

Why is my payment pending?

Our system allows researchers to engage a national community of consumers through survey campaigns in a safe and ethical manner. To ensure our platform provides security, our payment system automatically checks payments entering the system to check for potential fraudulent activity. With fraudulent charge-backs becoming a growing issue for many online companies, the importance of allowing payments to fully clear before a survey is paid for is essential.

When you deposit funds into your account, our system will hold the payment for a few days so if a charge-back is filed, we won't have already paid out this money to our users. Once our platform confirms the authenticity of your deposit, your funds will automatically become available to create surveys with. If you're unhappy with our payment verification procedure and would like a refund, please contact us at and we'll refund your deposit as soon as the money has cleared.

Can I bypass the payment pending?

To ensure our system is safe against fraudulent activity, we treat all researchers equally by holding campaign funds for all accounts. However, after your first deposit has cleared and you've created your survey campaign, your deposit limit will automatically increase, allowing you to deposit and access funds straightaway the next time you decide to do so.

The limit of your deposit that influences whether your payment will be pending can vary however we aim to provide researchers with a £1000 automatic deposit limit after the first campaign has been funded and hosted. For more information on credit limits and pending payments, please feel free to contact us at