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Cookie Policy

How you can control or opt out of cookiesIf you do not wish to accept cookies from us, you can instruct your browser to refuse cookies from our website. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, but you can update these settings to either refuse cookies altogether, or to notify you when a website is trying to set or update a cookie.If you browse websites from multiple devices, you may need to update your settings on each individual device.Although some cookies can be blocked with little impact on your experience of a website, blocking all cookies may mean you are unable to access certain features and content across the sites you visit. 

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is simply a technology for remembering something about you. Without cookies, a website is like a goldfish who loses its memory every time you visit a new page. Once you visit a new page, it doesn’t remember who you are. Now this can be a good and abad thing. Without any memory, a website can’t do a lot of stuff.

It can’t let you log in, because it forgets who you are. It can’t let you buy anything, because it forgets what you’re buying.But it also means it can’t track you. Some websites use cookies to remember what you do on their website, and to target ads at you. And some of those websites share their cookies, so that ads on one website know what you liked on another. This has scared a lot of people.

Cookies aren’t automatically good or bad, but it’s worth understanding what you can do about them.One option would be to turnoff 3rd party cookies, which will stop most websites from sharing information about you. Some browsers – like Safari – do this automatically. And finally, you can take a deeper look into any websites which concern you. Most websites have policies that explain what they do, if you care to look.Well over 90% of websites use cookies. Cookies aren’t automatically good or bad, but it’s worth understanding what you can do about them.

GDPR Policy

Your data safety is incredibly important to us. We always ensure your data is managed ethically and transparently, so you're never in the dark when it comes to data you give us. We never sell your contact information to third-party services. Any user, promoter or researcher can request to view all data we currently hold from that individual. Survey data you provide is directly accessible by the creator of the survey. If you have any questions regarding our GDPR compliance, please contact us.

Informations Commissioners Office (ICO) Compliance

In accordance with the Information Commissioner's Office, we are certified controllers of data and as such, abide by the laws and regulations set out by the Information Commissioner's Office regarding how we manage your data and install data protection systems. In addition to this, as data handlers, our designated data control officer is Ashley Anderson. If you wish to contact Ashley Anderson regarding our ICO certification and data management systems, please email ashley.anderson@romasurveys.com.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

At ROMA Surveys, we put the security of your data first. Our system provides innovative approaches to ensuring the data we collect, both quantitative and qualitative is ethical and protected. This includes the security regarding any financial details provided to us by users, promoters and researchers. The safety of your credit and debit card information is maintained by our payment providers; PayPal & Worldpay, both of which are PCI compliant.

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