UK Student Surveys

Our platform engages reward-hungry students with relevant promotions based on their real-time opinions.

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Get paid to complete fun surveys

Earn money by sharing your thoughts with local businesses!

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Get paid to promote ads

Promote relevant surveys and drive traffic to your content, whilst getting paid for it

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Grow your sales to students

Utilise the power of lead generation surveys by researching your users.

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Research & connect with our student users

A simple solution to a confusing issue. We provide an effortless experience when it comes to researching and connecting with your market.
UK Students

As a student, you can earn £5 a day completing a few super-short surveys that benefit both your wallet and local businesses

Content Creators

Be creative! Add your favourite surveys to your survey canvas and promote in on your website to earn £0.20p per user engagement.

University Societies

Societies with an active website can promote our surveys to earn cash and rewards to fund events, competitions and more!

UK Businesses

Collect ethical and invaluable data on the UK student network and drive sales with our lead-generation survey features.

How it works

A survey is created

Choosing from a variety of targeting tools at unbeatable prices, researchers can create their first survey campaign within minutes.

A survey is promoted

Publishers can now earn higher than ever before by promoting recently created surveys on their apps and websites.

A survey is completed

Upon survey completion, the user and publisher instantly receive their payout, whilst the survey data is securely handed to the researcher.

What do ROMA Ads look like?

Look out for ROMA ads which contain on-screen interactive surveys  you can complete and earn from instantly. As a promoter, you can place this ad anywhere on your site.
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What's our NEW Leads Feature?

Provide your opinions and at the end of the survey, get access to an exclusive deal made just for you!

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