August 2020

What happens when we've launched?

+ You'll earn £0.50p every 1-minute when you complete our paid surveys personalised to you

+ Users with a blog, website or app will be able to earn £0.20p every time someone completes a survey they're promoted.

+ Businesses will have access to thousands of UK students who share their opinions and reviews on experiences and matters relevant to themselves

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Why should you use ROMA Surveys?

We provide an effortless experience when it comes to building a sustainable presence amongst the student market.
Sell to Local Students

Unlike national marketing agencies, we focus on building local connections between you and the surrounding student market, making selling easier than ever before for small-business owners.

Lead Generation That Work

Our lead-generation surveys use smart data to effectively promote your products and services to the customer, utilising their individual survey answers, transforming user-generated interest into sales.

What makes ROMA Surveys better?

University Societies

We've built an active and loyal user base of both students and society ambassadors, enabling you to accurately and directly connect with thousands of users, exclusive to the ROMA network.

Data You Can Rely on

Not only do our survey ads bypass the common ad-blocker that is installed by millions of students, but our survey tool also blocks survey spam clicking, resulting in an unbeatable quality of responses.

How it works

A marketer creates a
lead-generation survey

Choosing from a variety of targeting options, marketers can directly engage and connect with a new customer from only £1.25p per user

That same survey is then promoted by our exclusive society network

University societies promote surveys relevant to their members commission to spend on networking events and competitions

Where it's promoted and completed by thousands of active UK students

Upon survey completion, our users instantly receive £0.50p each, and the society promoting the survey receives £0.20p. The responses are then exclusively and securely shared with the marketer in real-time.

What do ROMA Ads look like?

Look out for ROMA ads which contain on-screen interactive surveys  you can complete and earn from instantly, whilst remaining on the same webpage. As a promoter, you can place this ad anywhere on your site.
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What's our NEW Leads Feature?

Provide your opinions and at the end of the survey, get access to an exclusive deal made just for you!

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